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Liposuction Before & After's
Courtesy Lipokit Fat Transfer on Face
Images courtesy Dr. Lewis J. Obi, M.D.
Breast Augmentation

Permanent and Natural Breast


Natural Breast Augmentation with your own excess fat! No more breast implants with foreign materials such as silicone implants or saline implants. Using Lipokit, the most advanced autologous fat transfer technique.


New Cell Assisted Lipotransfer for Cosmetic Breast Augmentation and Facial Lipoatrophy and Butt Augmentation! For breast augmentation; using your own supercharged fat implant. Facial Lipoatrophy - uses your own fat, no fillers. Combine a Paris Butt Lift with your supercharged fat for a flattering look.


These photos are an example of the cell assisted lipotransfer (CAL) technique and courtesy of "Cosmteic Surgery Times" article Natural Effects with Cell-assisted Lipotransfer.
Breast Augmentation
Stem cell enriched fat tissue offers organic look and feel
Cell Assisted lipotransfer (CAL) technique
How Does Adivive (Lipokit) Work?

Adivive, also known as Lipokit, the first FDA-approved all-in-one device for enriched and condensed autologous fat transfer is now available to Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic clients.


Adivive (Lipokit Medi-Khan, Republic of Korea) is an all-in-one FDA-approved medical device for collecting, filtering, and transferring one's own fat for use in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. Most importantly, this technology filters the fat to its cellular components. Doing so may encourage the fat cells to more reliably perform normal sub-cellular activities, thus improving chances of their survival and the cosmetic or reconstructive result!

Images courtesy Dr. Lewis J. Obi, M.D.

Adivive (Lipokit™) Background

  • Manufactured by Medi-Khan, Inc. (Korea)
  • Medi-Khan has almost 200 patents
  • Adivive (Lipokit) is FDA cleared for Fat Transfer
  • 7 years worth of clinical experience, with more than 500 units in the field (10 in the US)
  • CEO & Inventor - Hee Young Lee, M.D., Ph.D.:
    · More than 400 breast procedures performed
    · More than 400 facial procedures performed
  • Palomar is now the US Distributo


To learn more about this amazing autologous at transfer procedure (visit the Medi-Khan site) or to find out if the Adivive Lipkit Cell Assisted procedure is right for you, or call us now at: 617.738.0559.

Breast Augmentation Procedure

Cell Assisted Lipotransfer


Dr. Koupaie is one of only a few doctors in the world to have been trained in Tokyo to perform a new and exciting breast augmentation procedure! Breast augmentation by injecting a stem-cell solution into the breast (which has better results than using a fat solution). No Implant! It's all natural! No chance of rejection!!


Dr. Koupaie plans to place half of the liquid fat derived from liposuction into a centrifuge and create a mixture with a higher concentration of stem cells to fat cells then mix that with the untreated portion and inject it into the breast. It is performed under local, anesthesia, no enzymes.


Dr. Koupaie uses FDA approved Lipokit an all-in-one closed device for enriched and condensed autologous fat transfer2. Closed 3. Condensed & Enriched 4. Standardized 5. Predictable Only with Lipokit , every required procedure for Quality Autologous Fat Transfer is available.

For more information regarding Lipokit, click here to visit their website.



Cell assisted lipotransfer and use of adipose derived stem/normal cells for facial lipotrophy and breast augmentation without use of drugs.


For more information or to schedule a consultation please contact our office by calling: (617)738-0559.

Credits: Thank you to Dr. Lewis J. Obi, M.D., Jacksonville Flordia for before and after images.